What does ‘Catapulting my success into a personal legacy’ really mean? Our clients are Executives, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners whom have had professional successes. Through your success, you’ve built up a wealth of resources including a prominent reputation, financial strength, and a social network consisting of talented and resourceful individuals. Now you seek to use these resources to do something new. Perhaps you know what that new goal is, though many of our clients simply feel ‘the need’ to do something differently. Working with Mentoring the Masters allows you to identify your passion, which is then used to show you how your resources could be used to help you change the world. This is your personal legacy. How our clients change the world varies wildly from client to client. Some clients in the past have chosen to launch a new business, others decided to start non-profits, and others simply began adventure traveling and documenting the experience. What is it that makes this opportunity so exclusive ? Kimberley Heart is the mentor behind Mentoring The Masters. During her previous career as a strategic business consultant, she was highly sought after for her services and advice. For a time, she conducted a call-in radio shows which provided free access to her for anyone. These days however Kimberley time is completely dedicated to mentoring and public speaking. This paradigm shift is the result of Kimberley commitment to changing the world. By focusing on her work with masters like yourself, Kimberley’s talents will have metaphoric impact. How does Kimberley’s comprehension of real issues and fearless candor help to develop my success into a legacy? Being a master and having been successful, you’ve obviously already learned to remove ‘Yes-People’ from your sphere of influence. Kimberley takes the concept of ‘laying out the hard case’ many steps further, actively yet compassionately challenging you along the way in order to get the highest quality results from your time together. These challenges help to make sure you avoid problematic situations that could seriously hinder the development of your legacy. Kimberley understands the business world, the emotional world, and the factors that support a successful leader. With her masterful knowledge, Kimberley keeps Mentoring the Masters’ clients from failing or sabotaging themselves as they begin pursuing an entirely new direction in their lives. I’ve been a successful leader my whole life, what does working with Kimberly bring to my table that I cannot get on my own or from my existing network? Kimberley addresses the spiritual, emotional, and professional aspects of her clients lives, not simply one or the other. She also brings a new, well-studied and even more well-informed perspective to the development of your legacy. The combination of her experience and professional success gives her insight few others have from which they can draw. Additionally, the elite makeup of her client body serves as a vast and wealthy network of other masters like yourself, should you choose to participate in this aspect of Mentoring the Masters’ services. Single handshakes orchestrated by Kimberley among her clients have led to world changing developments many times over. Perhaps you have a roll to play in the next handshake like that. What does a session with Kimberley consist of? What occurs during a VIP session with Kimberley? Is it simply an extended ‘regular session?’ These questions are best answered by speaking directly with Kimberley. Here is her invitation to you… Free Consultation I would like to invite you to have a conversation where you can share your most outrageously dreams, your biggest challenges and ask any questions you have about working together. By the end, you may have some new ideas of how to go forward and we both will have a sense of whether I am the right mentor for you. Call me at 818-421-3950 or Email me at K@MentoringTheMasters.com. I promise it will be a natural and easy conversation.

Mentoring the Masters with Kimberley Heart

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