Mentoring Packages (3 month ; 6 month ; 12 month)

Over the course of 1-2 hours each week, Kimberley guides you as you prepare to develop your Legacy. Each weekly session will address your unique needs with scheduled mentoring modules. Each mentoring package transforms your success into a legacy, though the depth and substance of your sessions are determined by the mentoring package you select. As a client of Mentoring the Masters concierge mentoring services, you select the venue in which your mentoring session will be conducted. Your mentoring session can be conducted:

  • In person in your office or home (cross-country travel available)
  • In the office or home of Mentoring The Masters’ Kimberley Heart
  • While taking a meditative walk along the Pacific Coastline
  • Via telephone or Skype
  • or any other manner which works for you

Mentoring the Masters with Kimberley Heart
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