VIP Days (VIP Intensives) “VIP Days” is the ultimate resource to jump- start your journey. It will accelerate your development exponentially and is held in the location of your choice. 1-3 VIP Days…You can expect to: • Discover what you really want • Create a map to get there • Learn to get out of your own way • Eliminate any beliefs that could stop you • Change your image to World Changer • Metamorphosis • Concierge mentoring services, you select the venue: *Anywhere in the world, choose your dream location *Or meet the Home of Mentoring The Master’s Kimberley Heart *On rare occasions via telephone or Skype Mentoring Packages Mentoring Packages (3 month; 6 month; 12 month) Over the course of 1-2 hours each week, Kimberley and you roll up your shelves and together create what come after ‘success’ for you. Each mentoring package transforms your success into your legacy; the depth and substance of your sessions are determined by your willingness to step into your personal greatness You can expect to…. • Change anything in your way and walk away with the tools to do so in the future • Have someone in your corner no matter what • Mutual create a safe space where your strength are enhance and weakness can be explored and re-crafted to work for you. • Create a map to create your future • That I am fully equipped to talk about any issues in your personal, professional and spiritual life. Self Designed Mentoring Package: • Examples: Monthly face-to-face meeting and weekly phone calls • Quarterly face-to-face meeting and weekly or bi-monthly phone calls • A once or twice yearly weekend to engage in a powerful dialogue about what is on your mind • After you have completed an intensive or a package you can select to have calls as needed to address an issue. As always, as a client of Mentoring the Masters concierge services, you select the venue in which your mentoring session will be conducted. Free Consultation I would like to invite you to have a conversation where you can share your most outrageous dreams, your biggest challenges and ask any questions you have about working together. By the end, you may have some new ideas of how to go forward and we both will have a sense of whether I am the right mentor for you. Call me at 818-421-3950 or message me below. I promise it will be a natural and easy conversation.

Mentoring the Masters with Kimberley Heart
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