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Having mentors is the single most productive decision I have ever made. My mentors helped me hand-craft my life into what it is today. Working with mentors has repeatedly changed my life. They helped open the doorways and I leaped through. It is because of the personal value I found in having a mentor that I became one over twenty years ago. I know first hand the ‘magic’ that happens when two souls meet on the path of life and together recreate a person life and in some cases change the world. As I sharing my ‘long and winding road,’ the most important thing I can share is that I want to significantly matter in the world. I want you to know that you matter and that you can change the world. You may never read all I have written here so know this one thing…when I take my last breath I want to know that I helped change the world. I have attempted, and mostly succeeded, at living a life that personifies the maxim “walk the talk.” In my late twenties, with formal school completed, I was unhappy and still, even after three degrees, had no real self-esteem. Finally, looking at myself with new clarity, I took a turn in my path and began consciously changing, growing and making a difference in the world. Life became fun and filled with adventure. Even when faced with the ugly and unkind in me I kept slugging through the mud of my reality, the adversity, the obstacles of life, and yes, confronted more than one blockage and impediment, and I am proud of the fact I did not give up. Thought it all I learned two important truth’s; loving myself is the beginning of all real success and forgiveness is the core of all change. From these key lessons my love for life burst forth into the world and into my career. I have changed my career many times but the underlying functions have always been the same; joy, adventure, happiness, meaningful work, positive impact and love. Yes, regardless of the venue these are the things that have mattered the most to me. It has taken considerable courage on my part to learn to lower the mask of ‘being an expert’ at what I do and to let people see me. It has taken courage to readily admit I am a world changer. Often for fun, and to dare myself, I have moved beyond the traditional business world and moved into the media, hosting radio shows, public speaking, and publishing. Now the focus of these are to reach more people who dare themselves as well…people who dare themselves to become a world changer. Kimberley Heart

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