About Kimberley Heart

Kimberley Heart used her public work – radio shows, television appearances, seminars, keynote addresses, and published writings – to challenge others to do what they previously believed to be impossible. Through her private work with corporations, law firms, and family businesses, Kimberley Heart changed lives. Today, she gives an elite class of clients the tools that allow them to successfully use their combined resources to develop legacies that change the world. Her practical down-to-earth approach and inspiring message are consistent: Everything you do in your life has impact. Kimberley Heart helps masters like you to make that impact magnificent.

Kimberley Heart’s ability to rapidly identify and understand core issues, and her unusual ability to make complex issues seem easy, offers clients the solutions they need, when they need them. Together, she and her clients handcraft effective life strategies for world changing impact. Utilizing her considerable depth of knowledge and innovative perspectives, she helps masters achieve results beyond accepted social standards of success and excellence.

Kimberley Heart has successfully served as a mentor for over 3 decades in her capacity as a public speaker, radio host, practicing therapist, and consultant to fortune 500 companies and their leaders. Ms Heart’s success as a mentor comes from the combination of her Master’s of Psychology from the University of Colorado, Psychiatric Physician’s Assistant degree from the Medical College of Georgia, and the vast amount of post-graduate business courses she completed at Harvard, USC, and various other institutions. The interplay between her mastery of psychology, business theory, business practices, and leadership have resulted in a unique and highly sought after set of skills. Ms Heart’s many achievements and passion for bringing the world exponential change for the better now allow her to construct her own legacy…working with successful women and men who want to change the world.

When not serving as a mentor to the accomplished masters of our time, Kimberley can often be found at one of her many public speaking, television, or radio appearances. At other times, she may be working on her next work for publication. Ms. Heart is the author of When Fairy Tale Romances Break Real Hearts, released under the same publisher as Dan Millman’s Way of The Peaceful Warrior.

Mentoring the Masters with Kimberley Heart

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