The "Mentoring the Masters" Story

After 20+ years as a successful strategic management consultant and change agent to leaders of Fortune 100 corporations and law firms, Kimberley Heart – Founder and President of Mentoring the Masters – found herself restless. She needed something beyond her professional success, yet was unaware that this was the source of her turmoil. Frustrated and feeling uncharacteristically lost, she began to redesign how she utilized her own mentors. With their guidance she developed a new vision and a new life for herself – one which was much more in-line with the person she is today and not the person she was while thriving in the corporate world.

As Kimberley explains, “My discontent was the single seed that grew into Mentoring the Masters. I know, first hand the difference the right mentor can make. Redesigning how I worked with my own mentors changed my life. As a result, there isn’t a part of me that wasn’t enhanced by working with my mentors. I have been where you are; I have fallen down, stumbled over myself and finally walked with ease down that path of wanting ‘something more’. I know there is no single answer, no one system that fits everyone. Rather the mentors of masters help design a unique map for every individual with whom we are privileged to work. Together my clients and I create a true partnership.”

With these experiences in mind, Kimberley founded Mentoring the Masters. Through Mentoring the Masters, Kimberley partners with people like you – those looking to apply their professional successes towards a legacy driven by their passions-to create a map that can change the world. CEO’s starting nonprofits, young entrepreneurs branching off into new ventures, and once over-worked power-couples who finally plan to travel around the world offering their services…these are just a few examples of what has been achieved thanks to the work Kimberley Heart has done through Mentoring the Masters. As Kimberley likes to say, “My legacy, my personal gift to the world, is bringing forth masters like you who want more from and of life. Together, we help transform your professional successes into personal and global legacies.”

Perhaps you too have experienced great successes in your life and now find yourself feeling restless, frustrated by an apparent lack of inspiring challenges, or you are dissatisfied with the way your personal legacy appears to be developing. If so, please feel free to contact Kimberley immediately. Our staff can happily answer any questions you may have and schedule a complimentary conversation with Kimberley

Mentoring the Masters with Kimberley Heart
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